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Gifts of Extraordinary Care

As you know, our annual special events are crucial fundraisers that benefit our local hospitals and their patients. Your support will help provide vital medical equipment for Niagara Health’s Welland Site not covered by government funding.

Proceeds will support our Gifts of Extraordinary Care fund, for the purchase of urgent equipment needs at Niagara Health. Current needs across all Niagara Health Sites include:


Life-saving defibrillators are used on a regular basis throughout Niagara Health. In fact, it is absolutely essential to have a defibrillator ready and available in every patient care area at every hospital site – in perfect working order – at all times.

Defibrillators are an essential tool used by the hospital’s Code Blue (Cardiac Arrest) Teams to respond to emergencies. They may be employed in the treatment of people of every demographic with any type of medical condition.

To all of our loyal donors, and those who are considering lending their help for the first time, there will be no better opportunity to have an enormous impact on the care we can provide to patients in our Cardiac, Emergency, Urgent and Intensive Care Units as well as Paediatrics, Labour and Delivery.

Right now, the entire fleet of defibrillators throughout Niagara Health is in need of replacement. Your funding support of this priority need will literally keep people alive.

Patient Beds

With the medical field becoming more sophisticated every day, it’s easy to overlook the need for equipment as fundamental as hospital beds. The truth is that being able to offer patients the most appropriate bed for them is critically important to their safety, healing, and comfort.

With your help, beds optimized for patient care can be purchased, including Bariatric Spirit Beds that will offer patients optimal care while maintaining their dignity. With an increased weight capacity and accomodating width, a bariatric bed helps larger patients turn in their beds, and adjust based on their care needs and comfort, while assisting their care teams.


Up-to-date Medical Imaging equipment is essential throughout our hospital sites, but nowhere more priceless than in our Emergency and Urgent Care Centres.

When patients seek urgent or emergency care, it’s common for them to arrive worried, frightened – often in serious pain. Getting to the root of the problem, accurately and quickly is vital.

By funding urgently needed Ultrasounds, donors will help ensure that doctors and nurses at that site are equipped with the necessary technology to provide their patients with the best possible care.

Can't attend the Elimination Draw, but still want to support Niagara Health's Welland SIte? Consider making a donation!



Niagara Health Foundation proudly supports all hospital sites of Niagara Health for the advancement of healthcare in Niagara.

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